Work SMART Stay Focused



With all the noise in a dental lab on a daily basis it is sometimes hard to know if you are meeting your measureables for success.  

Your day will always be filled with the unexpected - and this can add stress to your workday.  Having said that, it is very important to take at least an hour at the end or beginning of each day to review your measureables in the lab.

What are Measureables?


Key Measurables for Profit


Cost of Goods


Gross Profit

New Client Sales

Lost Clients

Cost of Labor

Production Per Tech

New Sales Existing Clients



These are the key measureables that can help you stay on the road to profitability. Working closely with labs we know that a good Profit & Loss report can help identify many of these metrics and good lab management software can help with others.  

In order to get the most from software we must understand all the production Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and how they work.  Knowing what you want to measure and how best to extract your data is key in designing and utilizing software tools and reporting.  

We suggest putting your KPI’s to the test before implementing them as a good way to ensure your measurables will stand up in day-to-day implementation.

Do you work SMART in your lab? For example;

     Specific = Stain & glaze 15 units per day

     Measureable = 15 units

     Achieveable = Is this reasonable for their skill level

     Realistic = Is there enough work to meet this goal

     Timely = To be completed in 8 hours

This is a good way to ensure you have effective and sustainable production critera in place.  When supported by good lab software and reporting tools that provide you with the metrics you need when you need them, achieving your business goals through clear objectives and defined metrics becomes managable even on your most hectic days.

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