Our ApproachOur Approach

Our approach is to follow a simple yet effective working process.

  1. Contact us. Filling out our brief form is optional, however, a great way for us to prepare for an initial meeting.
  2. We arrange for a teleconference to get acquainted and discuss general goals and requirements.   The client may ask questions and familiarize themselves with our team. Before any confidential information is disclosed a confidentiality agreement is signed.
  3. Once the decision is made to enlist our services we will sign a letter of engagement and begin the information gathering process. 
  4. After our team completes its assessment, we put together a proposal outlining project scope, timeline, action plan and cost. Once approved, we begin implementation.

our fees & service

We are happy to discuss our fees and services.  For more information please contact us at info@approachmg.com or call us directly at 1-866-369-9343. 

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