Lead By Example

As we get to work in the morning, we look at the work in the lab and the paper work on our desks. We know what has to be done and we do it. We realize that the field of dental technology is changing at a very rapid rate and we must decide what to do to stay on top of the game.

We also have to attend to the administrative side of the business; some have people who handle this for them, some do everything themselves. There are so many facets we have to keep up with every day, that we forget one important thing: when was the last time you went to a course or read a book on how to improve yourself as a manager and business owner?

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate...probably faster than ever before, so we have to keep current with those advances to keep our businesses moving forward. We worry about what to do and how to grow our business. Our minds are full of so many things that sometimes we feel lost as to what to do. These are challenges not only in dental technology but other industries as well.

What I find works when things become overwhelming, is to refocus oneself. As business owners and managers, we owe it to ourselves, to our employees and our customers to be the best managers we can be. It is very rejuvenating to attend a seminar or read a good book to keep us in that refocusing state of mind. These courses and books allow us to progress by doing a couple of things. One is to give us validation that we are doing things correctly. Another is to show us new ways that will help us achieve our goals, not only in business, but in life.

Whether it is your business or your personal life, sometimes we need to look at things from a different point of view. In business, we look at things from floor level most of the time, but as business owners we need to look at it from above...getting a full view of the business. Our employees look to us to be leaders and to set the tempo and vision of the company. So it is up to us to keep our minds in the game to ensure we are moving forward. It is our duty as owners to keep our minds fresh and motivated. Some books I found helpful are:

1) “The Leader with No Title” – Robin Sharma

2) “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari” – Robin Sharma

3) “Persuasion” – Arlene Dickenson

4) “Driven” – Robert Herjevac

These are just a few books, but there are many, many more. So pick out a good book and stimulate your mind...your staff, your customers and you yourself, you will find it worthwhile.

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