The Real Cost of a Cerec Crown

Through research we have seen many discussions on the cost and savings of producing a Cerec crown. The figures given have had a wide disparity amongst them.

What we have found is that there is a cost, and what are the real savings? Are they worth it?

Here is a break down of what the basic costs are:

Cost of Cerec machine $100,000 on a 5yr (60mth) lease, 5% interest 

Average amount of units produced per month 40 / $1900
$47.50 per/unit

Average cost of material for Cerec unit
$20.00 per/unit                                      

Average time to produce a unit 20 min ( this takes in to account no learning curve)

Average dentist hourly rate $342
$114.00 per/unit

Base cost of producing 1 Cerec unit:


These figures do not include any learning curve time and are based on USA data, costs in Canada maybe slightly higher. Also remakes will increase cost as well as weakening the relationship with your laboratory.

Dentist hourly rate ADA (2005 Practice survey)

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